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How to play Cleopatra Bingo

Cleopatra Bingo Overview

Bow down to Queen Cleopatra!  Developed by MGA Games, the game invites you into Cleopatra’s kingdom. Always accompanied by her two faithful felines, our hostess rewards up to 1,250 times the stake to any player who lands the ultimate bingo.

Free Cleopatra Bingo Game

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  • Type: Bingo
  • Minimum bet: £0.08
  • Maximum Bet: £30
  • Software: MGA

Walls filled with hieroglyphics, a queen surrounded by her big cats, pyramids as a landscape, no doubt it’s Egypt. For this occasion, the game publisher has moved bingo to one of the most significant civilisations in history with Cleopatra Bingo. Launched for the first time on 9 July, the game consists of four cards with 15 numbers each in which you can win between 2 and 2,500 credits.

Cleopatra Bingo has a drum with 60 balls, 30 of which are drawn at the first rim. The principle is simple: once the 30 balls have been drawn, the player has the opportunity to acquire up to 14 more balls.


Cleopatra Bingo

The player wins a prize according to the patterns formed on the cards. There are up to 15 prize patterns, the player who gets the big bingo can also win the jackpot. If all the squares are filled in, you win the estimated 2,500 credits bingo. If there is one less empty square on the grids, you get 1,500 credits. Two less empty squares pay 1,000 credits and 3 empty squares are worth 500 credits. To find out the different prizes, click on the game menu. You will discover that you can receive a minimum of 2 credits per card, which gives you a considerable margin to get the biggest jackpots.

In the free online game Cleopatra Bingo, you have a choice of 3 bonus mini-games in which you can collect prizes. To trigger one of the three mini-games, all you need to do is have the word bonus appear on the map.

The first mini-game is the sarcophagus game. In this feature, the player must select one of three sarcophagi to win a prize. If you come across a mummy, you win the corresponding prize.

The second mini-game is the brick game where each brick reveals a prize, this could be a cash prize that can be accumulated depending on your luck. However, the game ends when the player clicks ‘Exit’.

The third mini-game offers the player to select which of the hieroglyphs the jackpot is hidden in. All he has to do is click on one of the symbols at random.

Activate the autoplay mode at any time and set the game speed by pressing the turbo mode.

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