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Morning habits that can ruin your whole day

Morning habits

If you skip breakfast, choose clothes for half an hour, and then run to work, then there will be no strength left for anything. By changing your morning routine, you will feel more energized, because these habits can ruin any day.

Social media check

We woke up, and the phone was already in our hands – familiar? And immediately you want to check your mail, instant messengers and scroll through the feed. Not only does this take too long, but it also prevents you from properly recovering to start solving problems. Wean yourself from this bad habit, life will become much easier.


You need to do everything at once: feed and walk the dog, water the flowers, play at the 22Bet casino and also disassemble the washing machine and print documents. As a result, something will definitely remain undone, and you will feel guilty. Make a list in the evening and follow it, so the probability of not being able to do something due to panic is much less, and energy is not wasted on prioritization.

Wrong breakfast

Wrong breakfast

Not at all, too small, or forced into oneself – any of these options are bad because breakfast gives you energy for the first half of the day. Decide in the evening what you will eat in the morning, try to pay tribute to the protein, complex carbohydrates and fats, but the main thing is that this meal should be and be enjoyable. The rush will lead to the fact that you want to eat long before dinner, and there will be no strength left for anything.

An agonizing choice

What to wear, what to eat, what shoes to clean – all these issues should be resolved before going to bed. If in the morning you constantly have to make a choice, then there may not be enough energy for more important things. In order not to be lethargic by the evening, take care of small household details in advance.

Coffee on an empty stomach

Drinking an espresso on the way to work instead of breakfast is not a very good decision. Coffee strongly irritates the digestive system, which can lead to serious health problems. The best drink in the morning is a glass of water, try to drink it before you start your business.

Deafening alarm clock

An alarm clock yelling all over the room is sure to cause stress from the very moment you wake up. After all, it is unlikely that you accurately calculated your sleep phases and are sure that you are ready to wake up. Set as a signal gentle melodic music that gently wakes up your body without harming it.

Mess in the apartment

Mess in the apartment

If, because of the rush, you leave dirty dishes and an unmade bed, and after work you don’t have the strength to clean up, then you should not be surprised that there is less and less energy. The mess around has a negative effect on performance and, in general, the desire to do something. Take 5 minutes in the morning to clean up your apartment.

Make a plan for the day

You should not plan your day immediately after waking up, because you have not yet done your morning routine and are unlikely to be able to adequately assess your strength. Try to make a schedule in advance, for example in the evening, then the chance to have time to do everything will be greater. But if you still prefer to make a to-do list in the morning, then give yourself at least a quiet breakfast.

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