Manifestation and attraction

You’ve probably heard of the idea that if you send your intentions out into the universe, then the universe will incorporate your intentions into its grand plan and manifest what you want in visible form.

It’s an idea that was popularized by Rhonda Byrne’s book  The Secret in recent years, but somehow, when you come to look at the details in both books and websites galore, you often find that authors who speak with great authority about the concept manifestation don’t really have much to say when it comes to telling you precisely how you can attract reality and manifest your desires.

Manifestation is an idea that appeals to a lot of people – for understandable reasons.

And those people want simple instructions on how to manifest reality and to try it out for themselves.

You don’t have to be flaky, with woo-woo worldviews, to want to improve your situation in life. Sometimes people take esoteric ideas to the limit – and then you have to rein in the excesses of the fanatics in the flaky ones among us.

Equally, if you come from a scientific and rational background, you might well have to overcome your innate tendency to see anything like manifestation which is not explainable in terms of normal physical laws and theories as unsubstantiated drivel.

So it’s difficult: there are many different attitudes, people come from many different emotional and physical and spiritual backgrounds, and all in all, the best proof of the reality of manifestation is your personal experience of making it work.

So what do you do?

Most instructions centre on the fact that you can convey your desires to the universe by visualizing them.

It seems that this sends your intentions out into the universe, and this in turn allows the universe to manifest what you want – if you’re doing things in the right way.

There’s a kind of exponential interest in manifestation and the law of attraction, which is demonstrated in how the subject has become increasingly popular.

A lot of people are spending a lot of time building vision boards, visualizing their objectives, and forming goals and objectives.

Sadly, though, many people find that their manifested goals just don’t come to reality.

You could assume that this was because the universe had a better idea for you, or it could be because somebody (you) wasn’t sincere in their intention to get a particular outcome.

And often, regrettably, you’ll find that the people who write about manifestation blame the person who is visualizing and trying to obtain an objective for not being serious or not trying hard enough.

Clearly that’s completely unfair, and it can lead people to feel guilty about what they’re doing in life – which adds to the burden of stress that many of us already feel, and is generally completely unhelpful.

But, on the other hand, if you try this for yourself you might find that suddenly you begin experiencing weird coincidences – you might find that the Universe seems to be sending you signals supporting your goals and objectives.

Indeed, when you feel that life is going for you, not against you, then it’s probably because you’re doing something very specific on a subconscious level.

You’re probably sending out the right vibes from the right state of energy – a positive state of belief and expectation.

And sure, people who deride the concept of law of attraction and manifestation will tell you that it’s nothing to do with some mysterious universal energy or universal intelligence or cosmic consciousness – they will simply tell you that what you get in life is the result of hard work. As Jack Niklaus – or was it Arnold Palmer – used to say, “the harder I work, the luckier I get”.

Of course there’s the need for you to take action – nobody would deny that.

And of course the universe is not going to take credit for the work you put into manifesting something. That would be ludicrous.

But the law of attraction works in a context of everyday life.

You know, you may have access to other people who can help you achieve your objectives, but it’s the universe which may be responsible for introducing you to them by means of a “coincidence” which brings about an opening for you that you would not otherwise have achieved.

I think the thing here is this: manifestation is not a substitute for self belief and hard work. It’s a framework in which you can make your life easier by having the universe cooperate with you, by choosing the path that leads you to success, and by supporting you in your general objectives.

Sceptics will say that there is no such thing as manifestation and the law of attraction is drivel – they refer to a piece of research in psychology called self-efficacy  which is all about believing you have the capacity to achieve the things you want to achieve.

But when you analyse it all, the remarkable coincidences which people experience in life can be so profound they shake you to the very soul: and when that happens, you surely have to look inwards for an explanation of what’s happening which goes beyond the physical laws of the universe, and invokes the spiritual laws of the universe.